My family and Other Shrubs

A heated pub discussion yesterday has moved me into to areas psychoanalytic, specifically the current (/century old) vogue for blaming your myriad personality defects, faults and disorders on your parents. Now I don’t want to take sides either for or against the lazy, self-deluding, determinism loving, cop-outs who take refuge […]

And do Gardeners Dream of Electric Sheep? (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GM.)

Following yesterday’s revelation that the space garden is now within touching distance I thought it appropriate that today’s post be an investigation into the gardens of the future. Now a lot of people (particularly in the gardening blogosphere) envisage the garden of the future as a completely organic and carbon […]

Garden Style

As a Garden Blogger I’m naturally on close terms with a lot of the UK’s top models and celebs, and these enchanting butterflies are always saying to me; ‘Ben, I’d love to spend more time in my garden, and god knows I need to, but I don’t know what to […]