Prometheus Pyrphoros

Late December and Mother Nature sprawls unconscious, magnificently exhausted by her nine-month orgy of blossom and bloom. Many gardeners use this time of respite as a period of reflection, a time to review the successes and failures of the previous year and to plan for the next. These ‘gardeners’ think […]

Great Gardeners of History #1

The Early Middle Ages are widely reviled in gardening circles (I have found out at great cost). Spiteful criticism by rent-a-gob garden polemicists of the 1300’s has lead to an ill-thought-out, but almost universally swallowed consensus, that this was a period barren of any insightful design, lazy in hard landscaping, […]

London’s Blighted Heart

I have deep and fond feelings towards Fulham Palace. My girlfriend and I once accidentally topped-off a lazy Tameside by crashing one of their art parties We spent a few fine hours wandering around late medieval galleries, sipping chilled white and chatting aesthetics. Blissful and almost unbeatable, but me and […]