In Praise of Folly

Contrary to the popular opinion, mans greatest asset is not his ruthless ambition, nor his dexterity, nor even (dare I say it?) the ability to garden. No, mans greatest wealth lies in his capacity for happiness. There is no commodity that spreads so widely or so quickly as happiness, or […]

Nelson’s Stump(ery)

Last week I headed out under leaden London skies to see Nelson share his square with some other dead heroes, as Angela Palmer brought her mobile lumberyard ‘Ghost Trees’ to the capital. This fantastic instillation aims to highlight the issue of deforestation by emphasising the void between the stumps and […]

The Beast from the Sea

Last Friday I had the good fortune to attend a small talk from one of those horticultural titans who make up the RHS trials committee. For those of you who don’t know, the RHS or (Royal Horticultural Society) regularly hold trials in their Wisley coliseum in which they pit various […]

My family and Other Shrubs

A heated pub discussion yesterday has moved me into to areas psychoanalytic, specifically the current (/century old) vogue for blaming your myriad personality defects, faults and disorders on your parents. Now I don’t want to take sides either for or against the lazy, self-deluding, determinism loving, cop-outs who take refuge […]

And do Gardeners Dream of Electric Sheep? (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GM.)

Following yesterday’s revelation that the space garden is now within touching distance I thought it appropriate that today’s post be an investigation into the gardens of the future. Now a lot of people (particularly in the gardening blogosphere) envisage the garden of the future as a completely organic and carbon […]

Garden Style

As a Garden Blogger I’m naturally on close terms with a lot of the UK’s top models and celebs, and these enchanting butterflies are always saying to me; ‘Ben, I’d love to spend more time in my garden, and god knows I need to, but I don’t know what to […]